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Signpost for Carers are an independent local charity who have been supporting carers for more than 30 years. If you’re a Stockport carer or caring for somebody living in Stockport, we’re here for you.
A carer is anyone providing help to a friend, neighbour or relative who could not manage without them because of frailty, illness, addiction or disability. Carers often don’t recognise themselves as 'carers'; they just think of themselves as helping out somebody they care about.
Our aim is to improve the quality of life for carers in Stockport from 6 years old to 96 years old and everyone in-between! For adult carers, we provide free, confidential information and a range of services including counselling, benefits help, emotional support, practical advice, ‘signposting’ to other organisations, social opportunities and access to our Connecting Carers Card. For young carers, we provide respite via age-appropriate social activities, family support, school liaison and opportunities to simply enjoy being a child or young person away from their caring responsibilities.
We want carers to be recognised for the extraordinary work they do to support others. It is our mission to support them in return. Carers deserve to live happy, fulfilling lives in their own right but we know caring often takes great sacrifices, taking its toll on their mental and physical wellbeing as well as limiting social opportunities and career progression. Whatever they may be facing, we want carers to know that they are not alone..


We were approached to help support the creation of a technology procumrent process that would enable Signpost to reach and achieve its Charities objectives.
Through the creation of this process, we were also able to create a strategy that increased grass root fundraising
This is an on-going exercise and we cant wait to show the results.

Why Signpost?

“I first learnt about SignpostforCarers when I was introduced to Young Carers around the age of 10-11, I quickly learnt, I was not alone. My worries, concerns, difficulties & everything I was trying to understand, became easier, thanks to the people I met and the team that supported me.

I want to provide as much support as I can, so that everyone that finds themselves in the same position I was in, knows Signpost!”

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